The Governors of St. Clare’s have agreed that our new school uniform supplier for September 2023 will be Kitted Out on Allerton Road.

The decision to change our supplier and items of uniform was based on mainly on cost and ease with which parents/carers can purchase the uniform. Our new supplier is much closer to school and can provide our smaller amount of branded items at a much better cost.


Kitted Out has 2 stores in Liverpool. Please see the details below.

What our School Uniform looks like

From September we will only have one uniform throughout the year.

This means that parents and carers will not have to buy another uniform in the summer months.

Children will no longer wear a red summer dress.  Please do not purchase these for next year.  Children will remain in the same uniform throughout.

Children are not to wear makeup, eyeliner, nail varnish or dangling ear jewellery.