Eco – Schools is an environment education programme and is managed in England by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, the anti – litter campaign for England.  Eco-schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of school life. There are 9 key areas of Eco-schools; Energy, Water, Biodiversity, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Transport, Litter, Waste and Global Citizenship.

We were awarded the Bronze and Silver awards in 2017.         

Green Flag Award

After 3 years of ECO activity Kensington primary school has been awarded the very prestigious Green Flag! The award is the culmination of years of working together as a team – supporting each other; thinking sustainability at every turn.  Well done to everyone in Kensington, the children and our brilliant parents who are always keen to support the school in every way.

 Assessors comments:
“I was pleased by the commitment shown by the eco-coordinator and the head teacher to the school’s sustainable and environmental aims. I was particularly impressed with how much the school’s sustainability aims have developed from having ‘just a few recycling bins’ to where it is now, in just a few years. Well done to everyone and keep up the great work.”

This award reflects all the hard work and effort everyone has put in over the years!


Our Education for Sustainability:

It is an approach that aims to develop pupils at Kensington Primary school and our wider community with the values and the motivation to take action for sustainability – in their personal lives, within their community and also at a global scale both now and in the future.


We are committed to sustainable development and believe it is important to prepare our students for the future. Our approach is based on the belief that we can only improve if we take responsibility to make the necessary judgements on our day-to-day operations, our curriculum and our experience provision. Through this consistent approach we hope to raise our standards and enhance our pupil’s personal wellbeing. Research supports our approach stating that: Sustainable schools engage young people in their learning, thereby improving motivation and behaviour which in turn promotes healthy school environments and lifestyles.

How do we teach Sustainability at Kensington?

Our aim for teaching sustainability to our pupils is first to explain what sustainability means and how it can be affected and then to engage them with their environment so that they see, feel and experience the environment itself. The children in doing so will begin to understand and make this way of learning a way of life. Outdoor learning is a vital component in our approach enabling children to make the necessary connections between maintaining and enhancing their environment with a sustainable future.

Our children take part in weekly, termly and yearly activities which embed the habit of taking care of the environment from a very young age, and in doing so raise their understanding.

If you would like to find out more about Eco-Schools log on to: Eco Schools website